Business Savings Accounts

Regular Savings Account   

  • Interest is compounded and credited quarterly
  • Quarterly statements
  • Optional e-mail statements
  • $50.00 minimum opening deposit
  • $25.00 minimum balance to obtain stated interest rate
  • Limit of 3 withdrawals per month
  • Interest rate subject to change daily
  • $5.00 monthly dormant fee after 12 months inactivity
  • $5.00 excess withdrawal fee over 3 withdrawals per month

Certificates of Deposit

  • Various terms, ranging from sixty (60) days to sixty (60) months
  • Automatically renewable
  • Interest is paid until maturity of the certificate
  • Interest may be paid by check or deposit into a designated account, or compounded
  • Annual percentage yield assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings.
  • $1,000.00 minimum opening deposit
  • No additional deposits may be made into this account
  • Withdrawals made before the maturity date may result in a penalty.

Money Market Account

  • For all businesses, organizations, government agencies, or associations
  • Interest is compounded and credited monthly
  • Monthly statements with imaged checks and deposits
  • Optional e-mail statements available
  • $1,000.00 minimum opening deposit
  • 6 withdrawals are allowed each four weeks or similar period (3 checks and 3 automatic or phone transfers)
  • Unlimited transfers and withdrawals made in person, by messenger, by mail, or at an ATM
  • Interest rate subject to change daily
  • $10.00 monthly service fee if balance falls below $1,000.00