24 Hour Convenience

Free Online Banking

Find out how easy banking can be-anytime, anyplace. View your account balances, see images of checks, transfer money between accounts, download your monthly statements, and more. You can also export account information to home financial software. All you need is a First National Bank account and a computer with Internet access. Learn More

Free Online Bill Payment

There's a better way to pay your bills--faster, easier, and more convenient. No more checks to write, stamps to buy, or bills to mail. You can make one-time payments, schedule a payment to be sent out at a future date, or set up recurring payments to be sent out automatically. And best of all, Bill Payment is free to all First National Bank customers. Learn More

Free Email Notifications

Let First National Bank and Trust help you be more productive through email notifications. Online Banking users can sign up for email notifications of the following events:

  • If your account balance falls below a certain amount.
  • If your account balance is greater than a certain amount.
  • When a particular check number clears your account.
  • If an account becomes overdrawn.
  • If a deposit is greater than a certain amount.
  • If a transaction is greater than a certain amount.
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly account balance notifications.

Just sign in to Online Banking, and then click “Notify Me Alerts” to get started!

Visa EMV Chip Debit Card--Instant Issue

This is the card that looks like a credit card but acts like a check. You can say "good-bye" to the hassle of check approval. This card is accepted at any merchant location where the VISA symbol is displayed.  Our optional Round Up Savings feature allows you to transfer your spare change to your personal savings account each time you make a debit card purchase.  You can also use your debit card to withdraw cash from thousands of ATMs worldwide. EMV chip technology adds a layer of security to your transactions.  We can print your card and hand it to you when you open your account--no waiting 2 weeks for the mail carrier!  Our cards also support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay / Android Pay.  The debit card is free to our account holders--request one today!

Click Here for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay / Android Pay enrollment instructions.

Debit Card Text or Email Alerts!  You can receive either a text or an email every time you use your First National Bank Debit Card, to help you track your expenses, and also to notify you of potential card fraud.  The notification arrives within minutes of the transaction.  Text messages list the amount of the transaction, while email alerts detail the merchant, date, time, and amount.  Call or ask a Customer Service Representative to sign you up today!  *Carrier text charges may apply.

Visa Credit Card

First National Bank and Trust's Visa credit card makes your purchases more convenient and rewarding.   It is widely accepted for payment of all kinds of goods and services and can also be used for cash advances when you are running short.  Our Visa credit card contains the following additional features:

  • No Annual Fee*
  • 10.24% to 18.24% variable APR on purchases based on your creditworthiness*
  • 0% Introductory APR on balance transfers for the first six billing cycles.  Afterwords, a 10.24% to 18.24% variable APR on balance transfers will apply.  A 3% fee will be charged for each balance transferred, waived for balance transfers at account opening.*
  • Rewards points that can be redeemed for merchandise, travel discounts, and more
  • Personal service from people you know

CLICK HERE to Apply Now.!

*See the card applicant’s Important Disclosures for current terms, rates, and fees.  Credit cards are subject to credit approval.  Cards are issued by TCM Bank, N.A.

Firstline 24-Hour Phone Banking

Now banking is as convenient and as accessible as picking up your phone! Our Firstline service is a 24-hour telephone information system designed to make banking easier than ever. From any touch-tone phone, you can access important information by simply dialing 1.888.851.7895.

Firstline allows you to:

  • Access your accounts 24/7
  • Check balances
  • Review transaction history
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Activate your new debit card

Free e-mail statements

Receive your account statements electronically with our e-statement service. Rather than waiting days for your statement to come in the mail, you can access it securely online the day after it is generated. This gives you the option to view, print or download your statements in electronic format.  You can access up to 16 months of prior statements in online banking. Learn More

Other Services

  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Wire Transfers
  • Direct Deposit
  • Automatic transfers between accounts